Day 299


I woke up at 10 today, forgetting I’d decided I was going to get to the WIND store by 11! So I didn’t leave here until just after 11am. I got to the WIND store on West Broadway & Cambie Street just before 12pm! WIND was doing a big promotion day where they were giving away a new Blackberry Bold 9780 every hour, on the hour, between 11am and 5pm at select locations.. When I walked in there it was only a few minutes before the 12pm draw, so I got to enter that one thankfully!

….But I didn’t win.

I’d already decided I was probably going to spend the entire day there, at least until I won 😛 It got really empty and quiet after draws, and then so many people came in in the last 10 minutes before the next draw! Being there until 5pm, I ended up talking to a lot of different people who were also hanging around to try and win. It was good fun. We also got free chocolates, free hot chocolate, free biscuits, free lip balm, etc! I love freebies! This little kid, Trey I think his name was, he was about 13, he was there with his grandpa & I was talking to them for awhile. His grandpa was showing me photos on his camera of some coyotes & wreck beach lol.

I also plotted with a few other people ways in which we could make sure no one else comes into the store so that we’d have a better chance of winning 😛 haha! Didn’t happen though! I didn’t end up winning a phone, sucky, I know. But Trey & I got given Blackberry shirts because we’d been there so long 😛

I was talking to the Blackberry people too. The chick was asking me about Australia and stuff haha, there was a WIND guy joining in as well. It was a fun day. Socialising with randoms, oh yeah!

When I got home closer to 7pm I wasn’t back for long, I took Sarah’s bus pass & went to swap the DVD over for today. I was hoping our WIND friend would be there so I could ask her about applying directly in the store if they have applications or anything because obviously nothing for WIND is coming up online and I still really wanna work for them! But she wasn’t there, so that sucked!

Haha, oh, I had to call WIND customer service today to get Ashley’s phone unlocked for her. The guy on the phone asked me if I was Australian, he then went on to tell me how his ex is Australian, and then how people from the Gold Coast have a different accent to people from Sydney and stuff… LOL. Somehow the conversation ended up him telling me his skin colour? How it’s “pasty white” in winter, and very dark/orangey almost in summer? I think he said he said his background is Portuguese. It was a strange conversation LOL. When I got off, the man sitting opposite me in the WIND store (whom I’d been talking to for a bit before hand) said he thought I was on the phone to one of my friends or something because it was a full casual conversation lol! I thought it was funny haha. It must have been a slow day in the WIND call centers I’m guessing!

Anyways, not too much else exciting.. Oh, on the bus on the way home from Blockbuster, a fire truck pulled up in the middle of the intersection in front of our bus, that’s when everyone noticed a car pulled up at the lights, with it’s front TOTALLYY smashed up, like really bad! Like if we thought my car was smashed up, this was epic! Literally the whole front big was basically squished. And what was really weird, was it must have been there for a bit.. there was no other car around it, or people! Basically it was a hit and ditch?? Because the fire truck came down to it with it’s lights on & siren going, but it was obviously a bit late? Haha. It was very weird though! They seemed confused, they were asking people at the lights if anyone knew what happened. So strange! I saw one of the firemen get in the drivers seat, not sure what he was doing.. but that thing wasn’t going anywhere!

I’ll never know what happened though! Sucky! Haha! We just went around it…

And yep, that’s it really.. I’m super tired now. Night!

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