Day 300

Wow! Day 300.. That’s crazy. Crazy to think I’ve been here THAT long, and it also means only 65 days until I’ve completed my 365 blog! WHATEVER WILL WE ALL DO?!?

I had a wonderful sleep in today, knowing I had absolutely NO plans at all. We did end up going out however. We went down to the Olympic store, which is really only a 3 minute bus ride away or so. This weekend, they were giving out a free 13.5″ mascot teddy thing, AND a coin purse! Usually they only give out one item haha, usually the teddy.

So we walked around there for a bit, Sarah got some calendars & plush toys. I found some Vancouver 2010 flags! They’re not big like the normal size of my other flags, but who cares? They’re big enough, and it was only $1.99! Pretty epic if I might say so myself!

I also started a new blog this morning, it’s called Celebrity Year Book! You can find it on tumblr at to my surprise it really seemed to take off, as far as taking off on tumblr goes I mean. One photo I posted of Jensen Ackles (it should be called “Another look at Jensen Ackles” I think) got 60 “notes” in about 5 minutes. Last I checked it was up to 91, that was about an hour ago. Oh, just had another look, it’s at 103. Haha! Apparently people really liked that photo..

So that’s my new entertainment I guess until I get a job. 🙂

Other than that… We watched Fast & Furious, and Miss Congeniality. Pretty normal day really! Haha! Night!

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