Day 301


Today I got up and went straight to my new blog, finding lots more interactions & new followers.  Iwas also approved for Google AdSense, so now that’s up and running on the page!

I posted a whole heap of new photos up on the blog, people really seem to like it! I now have over 40 followers, about 89 picture posts, and I’ve made a whopping $0.03c on AdSense! I just went and had a shower, and when I got back I had all this:

That’s not even the whole lot, it keeps going but I couldn’t scroll out any further! I thought it was cool 😛

I also moved my room around today finally, I put my desk back on the opposite side where it came from. I have it all set up now, looks very high tech LOL

Other than my nerdy moment, I watched the new Gossip Girl & Pretty Little Liars tonight. Good stuff. And now I’m off to continue being nerdy with my ever growing blog 🙂 Night!

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