Day 303

I woke up at 8am this morning, I have no idea why. I forgot to mention yesterday, we had a small earthquake apparently. I think it was 2.9? It was at 6.47am, so obviously I missed it. Not that it would have been much to notice, but still!! So I was bummed about that haha. So maybe when I woke up at 8am this morning, it was another mini earthquake 😉 Hopefully I’ll get to experience one before I leave! Although, Vancouver is supposedly well overdue for a BIG earthquake..

Anywhoo.. I headed into New West around 1, checked my bank account… Got upset.. LOL. Went and bought my fruit & veggies, pretty sure there’s about $4 in my bank account now. I met Sarah after she finished work and we went to Metrotown.

I handed my resume into Toys R Us, and also this really cool store we walked by, didn’t even know it existed! It’s called “Mind Games” I think that’s what it was anyways. It was a really neat store, it had rubiks cubes, and juggling balls, and board games, and puzzles, and lots of cool “brain” toys! It was epic. So instead of giving my last resume I had on me to Build A Bear, I had to give it to this place!

The man said they weren’t hiring right now, but try again in a few weeks. He was a bit hard to understand though, so I wasn’t sure with something else he said, and I asked if I could leave my resume there now anyways. He agreed, then asked me a bunch of questions and went through my resume with me there. So hopefully that’s a good thing………… He also told me that my 3 page resume is way too long, and it should be formatted and cut back to just be on one page so he can quickly go through it. LOL. So I’m going to have to cut lots from my resume now so that I don’t have that problem elsewhere!!

It’d be really cool if I got to work there though 😉

I also had a missed call, but I couldn’t call it back because it went straight to that beeping fax noise, or it said “this number is busy” I tried calling it heaps, but nothing.. So there goes that. I also had another call for a job I applied for as a blogger.. except it’s not going to be paid, soo I have to think about that one whether I want the experience on it or not…

We went to the Superstore & got some more food items. I used my travel card, thankfully it’s still got money on it. I have no idea how much, but it’s saved my ass a few times now! So now I’m sticking to my rations & staples. LOL. Maybe I should join in on the 30 hour famine!! Yeah… they only do 30 hours here, not 40! Oh, and I also resorted to buying “reduced for quick sale” milk, it was 50% off. It’s only a tiny thing, like it might get me one and a half bowls of cereal, but it only costed 50c! I also bought 2 x 6 pack of english muffins that were on sale for $1 because they expired yesterday.. but I shoved them in the freezer, they’ll be finee.

We watched 2 Fast 2 Furious tonight too.. And now I’m going to go find something else to watch I think. Laters!


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