Day 304

I was woken up around 9.30am this morning, Sarah texted me telling me how “weird the snow was” outside. So I went and had a look, sure enough, it was weird! It was pretty much tiny hail, but bucketing down! So you’d think it was either pissing down rain, or snowing like crazy! But instead, it just really hurt!

Sarah was saying how cars were stuck on the sides of the roads, because it wasn’t turning to water or mush, it was just flattening and icing over the road, so getting up the hill where we wait for the bus was not happening! Needless to say, Sarah couldn’t get to work. So she got the day off! SNOW DAY! Haha!

I tried to go back to sleep for a bit cause I was really tired. I ended up getting up though shortly after. The day seemed to fly by, no idea why. Didn’t really even do that much. We watched the 2nd disc of Sons of Anarchy season 1. Slowly getting through it. We didn’t have a new movie to watch because Sarah didn’t get to work so she couldn’t change it at Blockbuster.

I was juggling for a bit today too. I’ve decided it’s about time I learned the “eating an apple” trick. LOL. This will be interesting..

So yeah, that was the day of today… Victoria was also telling me how she’s going to Fiji….  and now I realllyyy miss Fiji, as strange as that is! Haha! Anywhoo… Night!

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