Day 306

I watched wayy too many movies today. I woke up around 10 again, then at 11 I watched The Terminal, haven’t seen that in a long time! Haha! Then I watched Desperate Housewives, then Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, then Yes Man, then Fighter, then Drillbit Taylor, and finally Anchorman. LOL. Good day.

That’s really it… Played on my DSi too. It’s Saturday, so not much on the job front.

I’ve realized, if I get this other job, I’ll be doing afternoon/night shifts, and Sarah does morning/day shifts lol. So we won’t really see each other/have much spare time to do things! That’ll be sucky lol we need a day to go snowboarding again!! D:

Anywhooo….. Gonna go do some sudoku or play on my DSi some more haha. Night!

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