Day 307

Today I got up and watched Cheaper By The Dozen, then Charlie’s Angels, and when Sarah got home, we watched The Bourne Identity..

Pretty average day!

I had a damn cold shower tonight, don’t know where all the hot water went. I only had hot water for about a minute before it turned freezing. I hate that… reaaallllyyy hate that.. and the night before my job interview too!!!

Not looking forward to the group interview either, feeling nervous haha. What am I going to wear?! Obviously I can’t wear what I wore to all my other interviews, because they were in summer! And it’s still cold as here! My jackets & hoodies don’t really go with my “interview” clothes.. going to have to find something to make do with tomorrow though I guess!

Hmm.. also have to decide what’s going to happen after June. Sarah and I obviously aren’t going to save enough in the next 4 months to be able to really travel anywhere, which really sucks. I was looking forward to going to New Orleans or LA again or something cool! AND Niagara Falls! But doesn’t look like either of us will be able to afford that on our $8 an hour pay >_< So then the question is, do I go to Arkansas in June now instead of July?? Cause that’s an extra month on top of what I had planned….. and there’s really only so long you can stay cooped up in the big blue shed with no way to go ANYWHERE.. Ahhh… Decisions!

Anywhooo… I have to go decide on my favourite movie and what ever other questions like that that I think might come up in the interview.. night!

    • Amerisis
    • February 21st, 2011

    Well Sweets…probably in July you 2 will be going with us to Wisconsin to stay at a lake house with us…I know Wisconsin does not sound too interesting considering all the places you could go in the US but well it is something :D!! And I am telling you the summer’s here are sooo different then the winters…plan to be out and about at the lake, river and creeks with us..A LOT! You will camp also! (quite a bit!) I know Swimming is not your favorite activity… but it will be different!!! Not to mention the BBQ parties we have if almost every weekend if we are not camping! Point is that it will not be all complete cooped up in the big blue house!
    Good Luck in your interview today! I am sure you will do fine so no stressing! Love you!

    • lol us 2? Sarah won’t be coming to Arkansas, she’s got to be home by July for Uni. It’ll just be me! Haha. But Wisconsin sounds cool! That’s a long drive! Almost to Canada! LOL! Who’s lake house??

        • Amerisis
        • February 21st, 2011

        Oh i thought Sara was coming with you too and ya’ll were traveling together! It is Kenny’s sister’s husband’s parents (if you followed that)! It will be along drive but a fun trip! They have some huge 5 bedroom cabin on the lake there we get to stay at! So you will get to do a little traveling either way!! 😀

    • nah we were going to travel, but neither of us are going to be able to save enough to go anywhere that we planned, and she’s keen to get home already i think LOL. lol that’s cool as. and that’s in july yeah? mum says i need to start looking into my flights home because i’m booking it on frequent flyer points so i have to do it well in advance. so that’s what i gotta sort out really.

    • Amerisis
    • February 21st, 2011

    yeah.., Jodi (Kenny’s sister) is supposed to talk to her hubby’s parents and find out when exactly we can come stay but thinking it will be mid July. You will really love Jodi and her hubby Kraig! They are world travelers and i think you would love talking to them about their experiences in the peace corps and all the places they have been..including Thailand like you! They are just really fun and neat people! Kraig just keeps you laughing at all times. It will be fun and they will love meeting you! I was telling Jodi all about you last night and how you are in Canada right now! She thinks its cool that you will be coming with us!! Family Vacation time yay! This will be our first together unless u count the weekend to Prosper/Dallas that year to see Aunt Polly! hehe!

    • sounds good! haha i’m down for family vacation time! i’m thinking i’ll probably leave some time in August. cause at this rate it looks like i’ll be getting to arkansas early june. there’s a concert i want to go to in dallas on june 24th! so i’m thinking about that too LOL. have lots to sort out.

      oh! what do you guys do for 4th of july as well?! i can whip out my USA flag! 1st of july is canada day as well, but i wont be in canada for that! 😦

    • Amerisis
    • February 21st, 2011

    4th of July we always go see fireworks out at the lake and have a BBQ and shoot off our own fireworks over at Amie and Robert’s house,and laugh at the guys getting drunk and playing with fire! Ha!

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