Day 310


That’s right! I got the job! I have a “walk through” on Friday afternoon for an hour, and an orientation/training on Saturday afternoon for 5 hours! Yippeee!

As for the rest of today.. I met Sarah in New West at 2.30, we swapped our DVD at Blockbuster, then jumped on a bus to the station where we got the Skytrain to Metrotown. We went to the dollar store, Sarah stocked up on supplies for the movie lol. Then we headed over to the cinemas, where I was waiting in line when I actually got the call from the other cinemas to hire me! Haha! So that was cool.

We went and saw The Roommate with Leighton Meester. It was a pretty creepy movie, like creepy weird lol. But Leighton was “touching her shit!” you won’t get that if you haven’t seen this.. Pretty funny!

After the movie we went to the Superstore, got some food. Then we headed home. It was super cold today, very weird. The wind was so ice cold. It would have been snowing if it had been raining at all!

I went and asked the land lords today if we had any mail, which we did. And for some reason Shaw (our internet provider) charged us for basic cable, which we never had on our plan before! Never asked for it! We get our cable from the land lords! So it’s added $73 to each of our bills! Making our monthly bills now $90!! SO NOT PAYING THIS! So I gotta call them tomorrow and get up them about it.. So not cool. Sarah had rung them to get the name switched over from Heidi to Sarah, but not add anything on! Sigh. Stupid service providers..

Oh, I also missed the delivery of my headphones in the mail 😦 They came on the 15th, and the notice says they’d hold it for 5 business days before returning to sender.. So I asked the delivery people who it was, and they said Sony. So I was saddened 😦 I sent an email to the lady who emailed me when I won the contest, so hopefully she can get it sent back again.. Not counting on it though.. Sigh…….

I also looked into some flight prices and stuff for June. To go from Vancouver to Little Rock costs about $350. Where as, it costs $195 to fly from LAX to Little Rock. And getting the train from Vancouver -> Seattle -> Los Angeles costs $140. So the train wins out. It also costs almost $200 for a flight from Vancouver to LAX, so the train is cheaper for Sarah too.. plus we’d get to do the whole train experience again! So I think we’re thinking about that possibly for June.  Just wouldn’t be stopping anywhere at all. And most probably not staying in LA at all either 😦 The flights & stuff will eat up all our extra money 😦 Damn minimum wage!

So yeah, that’s that!  Laters!

    • g-ma
    • February 25th, 2011

    The job is watching movies?? Is that what you’ve been training for?

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