Day 311

So I began my day by calling Shaw to sort out our super high internet bill! Turns out that was the automated invoice, but the person who set our plan up did it wrong so there’s a note to do it manually each month or something, so we’re supposed to ignore the bill we’ve got and wait for the right one……….. Weird.

After that I watched Ellen, then I got ready and walked up to the post office up the road to see if there was anything I could do in regards to getting sent packages. The woman at the post office said the best I could do would be to go to the main post office in New Westminster & see if they can set up a note there saying any mail directed to me or Sarah gets delivered to our entrance, so I need to get down to there sometime soon and sort that out. It’s not in the New West area that Sarah works at, it’s a harder to reach by transit location…… But we’ll get there.

Anywhoo.. I then jumped on the bus and went to New West to get a blank check from the bank as part of all the forms I had to fill out for my job thing. Then I went to Blockbuster and waited for Sarah to finish work. She met me there, we got our next DVD. Then we jumped on the bus and went to the station & got the train to Metrotown!

We still had 2 hours until the movie started, so we went to the Superstore and looked around for a bit, got another box of cereal because it had the free movie ticket on it LOL. Then we went to Maccas and sat there while using my house key to cut the ticket off the box.. Such effort!

We went and saw No Strings Attached. Pretty good movie. I didn’t realize Natalie Portman was so short. Did you know Portman isn’t even her real last name.. LOL! Just something I learnt in my ‘Celeb Yearbook’ stalking.

After the movie we came home & watched Men In Black 2. Which on my movie list for 2011, is my 61st movie watched so far. Pretty neat. Haha! Note to self.. get a life..

Anyways, just finished watching Pretty Little Liars, now to head off to bed. Night!

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