Day 312


This afternoon I headed downtown to go to work for my “walk through” thingy with the other 9 people who were hired. Half of them were from my interview, the other half from the other interview.. so at least I recognized some people.

The walk through was pretty straightforward. We just handed in our forms we had to fill out, then had a really quick run down of the place and where everything is etc. Tomorrow we have a 5 hour orientation/training session thing where I’m sure we’ll be going over everything again in greater detail! So that’ll be good. Not sure what to expect though.

Oh! We got shown  the projectionist area today too. It was cool! Watching it all spin around and everything, pretty neat. However, she told us that the 35mm film used in cinemas is going to be pushed out soon, it’ll all be digital. The digital films just come on a hard drive, you plug it in, and press play basically! Oh, technology!!

After the walk through was over, a couple of us were still standing around, we’re all the “Skytrain” people we dubbed ourselves, so we were off to go get on the Skytrain. The only two guys (in our whole hired group!) weren’t coming to the train this time though, so they stayed back. But me & two other girls walked back to the Skytrain. They both got off at Granville, one always gets off there, the other was going to a concert lol. Anddddd I headed back to 22nd for my hour long commute home!

When I got home Sarah and I watched the original TRON movie. Sooooo bad. LOL. I’m guessing when it came out back in the 80’s people were all “WOW! AMAZING!” and probably highly doubted computers would do much in the future! LOL. It was very painful to watch. But I watched the whole thing. LOL Sarah was very over it right from the beginning. I now feel like going to watch the new TRON movie… maybe I will! I can do that now, FOR FREEE!

Everyone back home is at Soundwave today 😦 I’m sad. Jess posted on my Facebook that her, Eryn & Leanna were “reminiscing about pass soundwaves in which you attended with us.” apparently it’s not the same without me! 😉 Haha. I’ll definitely be at SW 2012!

Anywhoo, it’s still half an hour to midnight, but I’m going to go and try to get to bed. I have to leave home tomorrow around 10.30 I think. Unlucky for me with my long commute!  Eh! Night!!

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