Day 313


I didn’t get to bed until really late last night, like closer to 3am. I tried though, I really tried! Just laid there for ages……. so bored! Then this morning I woke up at 7am! Uncool! So I laid there, occasionally playing on my iPod until my alarm went off just after 9am. Then I got up and got ready, then headed off Downtown just after 10.30!

I was super early, again. So I went up there and waited. Finally everyone else came along and then we got started with our training.

Went over all the training stuff, like work place health & safety, fire drills, etc. We also got given pizza for lunch! While we were having a 15 minute break/pizza time, we heard a protest/march thing going on outside in the street!

It was interesting! It was funny cause by the time they got where they are in the 2nd picture, we saw a police car coming and we all said “oh, here they come finally!” ………and it turned right and drove away from it! YOU’RE GOING THE WRONG WAY BUDDY! He totally ignored it, like how can you not see that?! Haha! Crazy.

Anywhoo, back to our training. Oh, it was also snowing outside a lot. So when it was time to leave this afternoon it was snowing a lot still. And the ground was very slippery! I was walking to the Skytrain with one of the only two guys in our hired group – Brett. He’s got cousins in Australia, and one of them is here at the moment, living downtown too. Lucky her! I wanna live downtown! Haha.

We go the same way on the Skytrain, so we were on the Skytrain talking until I got off at my stop. There’s a few others who get the Skytrain down the same way as well, but they all left earlier because they finished filling out their forms before we did. It’s good though that there’s a lot of Skytrain people who will all hopefully get shifts until midnight as well, so we won’t all be alone!

When I got off the bus I had to walk very slowly to avoid slipping over! It sucks haha. I’ve watched two movies tonight already. Sarah rented Bubble Boy too, but she already watched it before I got home, so now I don’t have time to watch that… Meh.

Anywhoo.. I’m pretty tired after my long day. Night!

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