Day 314


I didn’t get to sleep last night until probably closer to 4am unfortunately. So today when I woke up at 9.30 I was VERY overtired, so I managed to fall back asleep, then got up at 12.30! It was good 🙂

Then I went and watched Pretty Little Liars & Gossip Girl while doing some of my e-learning modules for work. Which I get paid to do! But you only get paid for 4.25 hours, doesn’t matter how long or how short it takes you haha.

Then I watched the Oscars! James Franco totally seemed high or something… he was being a bit weird. Didn’t make eye contact with Anne Hathaway or anything. So strange! But still was a good show nevertheless.

That’s pretty much it for the day! Those award shows go forever! This was pretty funny to watch though, Lyndsay Lohans little bit at the end made me laugh!

Enjoy! Night!

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