Day 315


Today I woke up around 10, got ready, then headed out to New West! First I went to the Thrift Store where I didn’t find anything that I was after, but instead I was suckered in to buying a couple of 50c badges! HOW COULD I NOT?!

Then I headed over to Value Village. I got some “polishable” shoes, basically just school shoes, for work. Hopefully they work. Forgot to look for a belt there. I also got some Converse hi-tops that were there, black (I was kind of hoping for colour, as all my cons are black! but hey, things at VV don’t last long there!) I only got them because I remember Kahni said our orthodics fit in them, soo I figured why not. I’m wearing long pants all the time anyways, no one will notice if they’re hi-tops or not!

I also found a really cool Hedgehog figurine thing! It was a Hedgehog in a bathtub, giving himself a bath! It was pretty cool! I fought myself to not buy it. I took a photo, but can’t upload it right now! It was only $$2.99…. but the problem was getting it home, as it’d just add another kg to my weight limit! Haha! I’m seriously so screwed for getting stuff home. Sigh!

Anywhoo… Next I got back on the bus and went to the bank. Pulled money out of my Aussie account, banked some, kept the rest for rent. Then I went to the veggie store. I love the fact that I can go and get cauliflower, broccoli, 4 oranges, 4 apples, 4 carrots, and a thing of bananas, for $8! Best thing ever.

After that I went to London Drugs and bought a bus pass, yay! I’ve missed having a bus pass. Probably won’t even get my moneys worth on it for this month as I don’t know how many hours or when I’ll even start getting proper hours for work. But it’s just so much easier to have a bus pass, so I’m happy.

Then I went and got Subway, cause I was majorly craving it. I thought every Subway was doing the “$5 footlong” promotion, but obviously not this one…. So I paid normal price. And got three cookies. And it came to almost $10. NOT COOL!

I then got back on the bus, headed home. Finally finished my e-learning modules for work training, so that’s good. Had a bit of trouble with them with using Google Chrome. Then had issues in IE with pop up blocker. Sigh! But in the end it all worked out. So now I wait for them to get the completed message, and call me!

Tomorrow I gotta go out and buy a plain black belt… and possibly some business like pants I guess. I don’t think my black pants will count for some reason……..

Anywhoo, gonna go watch Pretty Little Liars cause I missed it tonight! Night!

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