Day 316


This morning I made a start on my Uni stuff, did topic 1…. yay.

I then got up and headed out to New West again! I went to the Thrift store looking for a belt, but no luck. Instead I left with this thing to hang all my badges on, and a 300 piece 101 Dalmations puzzle! LOL.

I’m currently doing the puzzle too… which doesn’t seem to have 300 pieces 😦 UNCOOL!

Anyways, I also went to Value Village to return the shoes I got yesterday because they really aren’t comfy at all. The ones I replaced them with really aren’t any better, and I also just got told from one of the other girls starting there that people were wearing plain black runners pretty much… sooooo now I’m considering switching these shoes again for something better!

I also got some business-like pants, and a belt. So I’m set for that I guess.

Sarah met me at Value Village, and then we went to IHOP for dinner because supposedly (she went in and asked!) there was a special where you can get a free short stack of pancakes for donating to some foundation…….. the lady told her it was at that location too, not just USA. So we went in, and another lady was there… and had no idea about it. Then another woman said no USA only. So that was a bummer! But Sarah still wanted to eat there, so we did.

$11 later, and all I got was original buttermilk pancakes… so much more expensive here than America 😦 makes me sad!

We then went home. The premier for Mr. Young was on YTV tonight! So we watched that! Pretty cool lol. Then I watched Hellcats. And now I’m just chilling doing my puzzle… amazing stuff! lol. Anyways….. night!

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