Day 317

Sooo I was too excited to sleep in this morning, Pat sent me Pokemon Black overnight the file was sending, so I was very eager to play that! And I’ve been playing that for a lot of the day šŸ˜›

I also began sorting through the hoarding mess that is my bedroom…… I’ve counted 300 bus tickets so far.. I also have a bag of tickets Heidi left behind.. there’s another 300! Crazy stuff.

I’ve got soo much to sort out here, it’s going to take the next 3 months to do that! Ugh. Have to seriously sort out packing & shipping stuff so I know what I need to do! Annoying!

Sarah got the weirdest movie today, it’s called Palindromes. It’s basically about a 13 yr old girl who wants to have a baby…….. and she like runs away from home on this crazy adventure, trying to have a baby… It’s seriously so messed up. And it goes through a whole bunch of different people, like it’s hard to explain, but it’s so confusing to watch!

I also started watching Chaos Theory tonight too, haven’t finished it yet though.

I’ve decided I want to get a mini pig back in Australia… LOL

And yep! That’s it really. Laters!

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