Day 318


Today I was woken up just after 9.30 to a text from Sarah… I managed to fall back asleep though, then got woken up again by a knock at the door at about 11… I thought I dreamt it, so I didn’t move… But the knock came again… So I jumped out of bed and went to the door! It was the delivery man, and he was leaving up the stairs as I opened the door. But I called him back and got my package! Yay! It’s my headphones from Sony! šŸ˜€ They’re pretty cool, they’re very huge and heavy though! It kind of gives me a headache when they’re sitting on my head LOL. I guess they’re definitely going around my neck while traveling, too heavy for my bags. LOL.

Anywhoo.. I spent the day sorting out stuff in my room again. Throwing out pointlessĀ receiptsĀ from Safeway & the veggie store that I really didn’t need to keep.. I filled up a whole garbage bag.. and the room still doesn’t look any less cluttered! I’m screwed, seriously! Haha!

Sarah came home with the movie “In the Land of Women” Ā so we watched that today. I’ve seen it before, numerous times, so it wasn’t anything special this time round.

Tonight I started thinking about, what if I was to leave for America in May instead of June… because really, I could only end up working all of May just to pay my rent for May… and still maybe JUST covering my other expenses, you know what I mean? So then is it worth it?

…Okay, obviously it’s worth it.. hell.. it’s Canada!! But… yeah….

Anywhoo.. I’m suffering from midnight munchies, as always. So I might go eat a carrot.. or banana.. or something.. I just had an orange but I’m still hungry! D: Night!

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