Day 319


So last night I emailed the Mr Young audience thing in hope there was some seats left for tonights episode… but this morning I still hadn’t heard anything back. So I took it as a no. But I asked on their Facebook page as well and got a “sorry we’re full” Soo that sucked! So then I got ready to head out to Value Village………….. when I got an email saying we’ve got seats.. CONFUSING MUCH!

But we had seats! So I jumped on the bus and met Sarah in Blockbuster, then we got on the bus and headed to the studio!

It’s definitely gotten WAY popular now, especially since the premier on Tuesday night I’m guessing! So many people! It was pretty much full as.

Anywhoo. It was pretty cool there tonight! It was a Halloween episode, so lots of zombies & mummies! LOL.

The janitor’s name is ‘Dang’ It’s hard to explain if you haven’t seen the show. Anyways, he’s all ninja like, and always shows up suddenly out of no where when you call for him. And for some reason, I forget why now, Sarah and I were like “Daaaangg!” Pretending to do the call for Dang thing… Then like not even 5 minutes later, he walked by behind us in the seating stand. LOLOL. I was like SARAH!! HE CAME! HAHA. So funny.

After the show they were doing a meet the cast/signing thing. So we went over to that & got the official cast photo thing signed by Gig, Brendan, Matreya, and Emily. Who are all in the official photo. Brett is another guy who’s in it a lot, but he’s not in the official cast photo, but we still asked him to sign it anyways. I told him he should just draw himself in there, and he did LOL. He “drew his face” it’s just a circle with eyes & a smile LOL. Except the one on mine has strands of hair, while Sarah’s doesn’t! LOL. It was pretty funny.

Dang was busy talking to someone off to the side so we couldn’t get his cool ninja official photo thing for him to sign 😦 Next time! LOL. We want to be VIP’s, but the VIP list is full now apparently or something. Sucky!

Anywhoo.. That’s pretty much the day lol. Trying to get tickets to next weeks show as well, I have the night off. So it’ll probably be the last week I’ll get to go see it before it finishes filming it’s last few episodes! D:

Gonna go play Pokemon now haha, night!

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