Day 320

Today I woke up and got ready then headed myself out to Value Village to exchange the pants I got the other day. They weren’t comfy enough! And now the pair I have, are slightly too big, and quite baggy! Hopefully they’ll suffice though 😐

The shoes are still terrible, however.

Anyways, after Value Village I went back to New West & got some more bananas & then went to Safeway and got the usual eggs, milk, bread, cheese! Oh, and some yogurt.. Totaling a whopping $20! It made me sad. Bananas costed me $1.63 😦 WITH tax!

Then I came home, and that’s it really. I start work tomorrow, nervous much!? Going to go see a movie afterwards though, so Sarah’s gonna come meet me there after work. And that’s my day really.


Oh! I also randomly decided to watch the Thailand school trip video again tonight, good times! Let’s all relive it again right now! 😀

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