Day 321

First day of my new job! Oh boy.

Unfortunately I had a terrible sleep, and woke up this morning at 5am. I laid there until my alarm went off at 8, then I got ready for work!

I got on the 9.30am bus, and I was Downtown at work by 10.30. I went straight to the office to get my uniform, and met one of the manager ladies (I think.. there’s lots.) She was very helpful & friendly. She’s even been to the Gold Coast! AND she lives near me here too! Haha! So she got me my uniform and walked me up to the staff rooms because I wasn’t sure how to get there without getting the elevator haha. We hadn’t been shown that.

Anyways. Put my uniform on, met up with my training person, who was also one of the girls who did our orientation training thing for us. It was me and one of the other girls from my orientation, Ashley, learning Outtakes. I think we’re the only ones from our hiring group to be doing outtakes, I think most people ended up on normal concession. With a few others here and there, like Burger King or the floor etc. I want the floor! D: Or box office.. haha.

Anywhoo, there was a press screening thing for Red Riding Hood, so apparently Catherine Hardwick was there cause she directed it, though I didn’t see her.  However, I’m like dead set sure that I saw Jeffrey Dean Morgan!! Which would make sense because while he’s not in RRH, he’s in Catherine Hardwicks current film that she’s directing here in Vancouver! Pretty neat. So that made it a super cool first day!

Spent the day learning about the food we make in Outtakes and stuff. Spent a lot of time making pizza lol. We got off early because it was really quiet and there wasn’t much for us to do training wise. I had to wait around afterwards anyways for Sarah cause we were going to see a movie.

I walked down to the station to meet her there. But she walked straight by me pretty much and went up to Tim Hortons.. so I had to walk back up to meet her there >_< !  Then we walked back up to the cinemas and got our tickets and sat around upstairs waiting for it to be time to let us in!

We went and saw The Kings Speech. It was pretty good. No wonder it won so many awards. It was very interesting. Good stuff.

Aaand then we came back home and that was that. I’m really tired now considering I’ve been up like what, 20 hours? Haha. Sooo I might go play a bit of Pokemon, then head to bed 😛 Night!

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