Day 322


Actually, it’s morning :\ and this post is late! Haha.

I watched 8 Mile today, chilled around the house for the most part. Then headed off to work at about 4. I started at 5.30. I was learning the till tonight, so that was interesting. Not much of a fan of it haha. Tomorrow Ashley will learn the till & I’ll do the food run around for her, so that will be interesting too! Then after tomorrow night we’re officially “trained” and on our own D: ahhh!

My ankles and feet are sooo sore from today. They’re throbbing they’re so sore. Can’t win. 😦

Just watched tonights Pretty Little Liars episode.. now I think I’ll head off to bed. It’s 2.30am. I guess this will be my routine from now on haha. Anywhoo.. Night!

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