Day 323


I didn’t sleep in enough today, sucky. Definitely going to sleep in majorly tomorrow! It’s my day off tomorrow! 😀

So I didn’t do an awful lot this morning, I just tried to relax really. Feet were still killing. Then eventually I headed off to work! It was our last training shift today, so we really had to learn everything we didn’t already know. So it was tough! I still don’t feel confident at all haha. D: I guess they just throw me into it now and hope for the best!

Had my break again with Ashley (Who I work with in Outtakes) and Vrindy, who works next to us in Burger King! Saw Brett working the floor tonight too, I made him buy pizza! ;). That poor pizza though, we seriously throw out so many full pizzas D: it’s so sad.

What else…. Hmm.. Oh, coming home tonight some guy asked me the time, then when I replied, he was like “oh oh.. excuse me… are you Australian?!” Sigh! Him and his mate were pretty drunk, but they insisted I sit and talk with them cause they were “fascinated” by me & Australia.

Sooooo I figured why not, only got a few more stops thankfully lol. They were asking me if I’d been to Science World & the Aquarium & all that stuff lol. All the usual “welcome to Vancouver” type questions. Then finally my stop came, so I was quick to bail!

Unfortunately though I’d missed by bus by only a couple of minutes, so I had to wait half an hour for the next one 😦 But it came, and then when I got off my feet were so sore, I gave in and took my left shoe off because it hurt so much. Hobbled home. I have like huge blisters on the back of my left foot now. Stupid shoes. I think it was my socks fault though because it kept falling down. But the shoes still aren’t so great either. Can’t win.

So now I’m here, showered & fed now. Going to go watch tonights episode of Mr Young then go to bed! Night!

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