Day 324


I tried to sleep in this morning, but it didn’t work. My feet feel a lot better though from resting them! Thankfully!

I’ve been craving french toast lately, so today I decided to try and make some! It turned out alright, but it really wasn’t the taste I’d been hoping for. I must have had some really good french toast somewhere, and nothing now can compare.. LOL. I think it might have been IHOP in LA for some reason.. but I’m not sure. That’s the last time I had french toast though I think..

Anywhoo.. I headed Downtown to go to the movies today, I met Sarah along the way. We went and saw Beastly. It was okay, but not great.. I expected better from the trailer and ads and stuff… but ah well. Next we shall go see I Am Number Four! Haha. Loving this free movies thing 😉

When we got home, we watched The Lazarus Project. It was a bit strange for the most part, it was basically like Shutter Island. But in the end it all worked out and yeah… Don’t want to spoil it haha.

I also caught up on the past two Glee episodes I’ve missed. Funny stuff. Glee is good lol. And now I think I’ll head to bed possibly. Working the next 4 nights straight. Shall be fun…. Night!

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