Day 325


Today I managed to sleep in a bit, Sarah also got out of work early so she came home with Gothika and we watched that. I started work at 6 tonight. First shift that wasn’t a training shift! Nerve racking!

Also met this guy who works there, forgot his name, but he looks so much like Seth Rogen! Except he sounds nothing like him. I even had to Google it just before, but apparently Seth Rogen doesn’t have a brother. LOL. He is from Vancouver afterall! So it totally could have been!

Anywhoo.. work was alright. Get’s really slow at times, but it’s not too bad. It beats the crazy rush I guess. I get so confused when we have mad rushes.

Lots of movies are coming out tomorrow, and it’s a Friday night, so I think it’s going to be extremely busy..

I’m sure you’ve all heard by now too, the Japan earthquake… Pretty sad. Someone needs to remind 2012 that it’s still only 2011..

Anywhoo, off to bed now.. Night!

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