Day 327


I was hoping to sleep in until 12 again, but I was woken up at 11 by a call from work asking me to come in to start at 12-12.30. I had to say no though, (well they said don’t worry in the end), because I said I couldn’t get there until closer to 1.. Stupid bus only coming every half hour. Then like 50 minutes on the Skytrain.. etc etc. So I couldn’t have got there in time, PLUS had breakfast & gotten ready..

Sooooo back to my original 3.30 shift. I had pasta for lunch again, just cause I figured it’d keep me going longer at work. And off to work I went!

It was pretty busy for the most part. Like hectic at some parts. We were supposed to close at 10.30 tonight, but people still wanted food! So we kept going another 10 minutes, and by then we were very out of food cause most machines were off & we hadn’t put on any more hot dogs/pizza/strips etc cause there was no point just before 10.30! So that got a bit chaotic.

I also burnt myself, but it’s a weird burn.. Like I was dealing with the pizza after it came out of the oven. It’s hard to explain the oven.. It goes on this track thing and goes through one side, into the oven, then out the other side. There’s a bit of track on each end to put it onto & get it off from. So I was getting it off at the other end and it was a bit stuck on the tray so I was dealing with that, and somehow the heat managed to burn my hand. I didn’t touch the oven at all. Just the heat from it burnt me 😦 Totally sucks. It’s really red and obvious if you look at my hand.. Don’t know if this pic can see it very well..

Nevermind.. can’t seem to get the photo off my phone, and I’m too tired to do it the hard way. Maybe tomorrow.

Anywhoo… Very tired. Sick of the transit at night – mostly just the stupid 101 bus only coming every half hour. And I always just miss it then have to stand there at the station waiting. Really bugs me!

It’s also daylight savings now, we just “sprung forward” for spring.. Lame.. Lost an hour of my life! So I guess I better get to bed then and try and get that extra bit of sleep… Night!

    • g-ma
    • March 13th, 2011

    Hi Jess,

    you continue to make me smile

    however you have not as yet told me what was/is the movie you glimpse/d

    is that a microwave burn?

    • what do you mean what movie i glimpsed?? i’m confused now lol

      no the burn was just from the heat that was coming from the oven while i was grabbing pizza! very hot!

    • g-ma
    • March 13th, 2011

    Jess, now I’m getting confused

    Don’t you work in a movie theatre?

    Oh and the burn, so not a microwave burn, but a burn nevertheless; they both hurt!!

    • i do work at the movie theatre, but i don’t know what you mean by what was/is the movie i glimpse/d??

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