Day 328

Technically it’s early morning right now…. So I can’t really say evening..

Either way… Blog!

Daylight savings kicked in last night, so I lost an hour sleep this morning 😦 Eventually though I got up, and Sarah also had a day off today, so we watched the movie Slither.

… Strange ass movie.

Then I had to get ready and head off to work!

It was pretty busy for the most part. I got another burn too, this time from hot cheese sauce, under my finger nail! 😦 It really hurts. The thing from the oven on my hand isn’t as bad today, but still a bit red. I wonder how much of a right hand I’ll have left after working here..

I was supposed to finish at 11.25 tonight, but I was pretty much left to do the majority of stuff for closing on my own.. It wasn’t easy! So we finished up at about 11.40. I then had to go as fast as I could to get on the Skytrain in order to make my bus! I didn’t think I’d make it, but I did.. And had half an hour to spare 😐 So that sucked. I could have grabbed Tim Hortons on the way! …….. If only I had  money haha.

Soo then I got home, made a fail dinner, and now I’m ready for bed I think. Going to see a movie tomorrow, yay for free movies! Anywhoo.. Night!

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