Day 329

Day off!! Yay!

I took a much needed sleep in until 12.30 today 🙂 Then I got ready and headed out to Metrotown to meet Sarah to go see a movie!

We went and saw Battle: Los Angeles. It was pretty good. I liked it. I’d see it again, considering I pay nothing 😛 haha. Have plenty others to see though! And so little time!!

There was also a Nintendo 3DS display thing going there today, so I got to try out one of the new 3D DS’s! It was pretty cool, kind of trippy though and hurts the eyes a bit… Apparently they’re going to be releasing 3D movies that will play on it, so that’s a big bonus! EB Games has a trade in thing at the moment, like trade in 5 games (with box & instructions) and get $125 towards the purchase of the 3DS. Which costs about $279. Can’t decide if I want it enough though haha. I was all excited though thinking I could trade in two of the Xbox games I got with the Xbox, and then just get some other games on Craigslist cheap. But apparently original Xbox games don’t count! UNCOOL! 😦 So I’d have to buy some games to trade in.. but yeah.. I don’t know yet..

Oh! We also went to Build-A-Bear and Sarah built a bear! She got the $12 brown bear that is “soon to retire” haha. I’ve decided I want to get the WWF Canada Grey Wolf bear! But it’s $29, and not all the costumes/clothes really go on it.. cause it’s a wolf.. LOL. But all the other bears are pretty ugly. The white bear that’s like the brown one Sarah got isn’t very soft, pretty boring lol. So I’ll have to think about which I get before we leave Canada.. Either way, it’s going to have a Canucks jersey or hoodie! TEAM CANADA! Oh.. and probably a snowboard! Haha!

Sarah bought a 4×4 rubiks cube today, she’s going to send it to Christian. But she opened it already, she wants to see if I can do it. LOLOL. I’m having a bit of a struggle. I thought it’d be the same kind of as a 3×3, but it’s proving slightly difficult. I just need to learn the new algorithm I guess then the most part is the same as the 3×3… Not that any of this makes sense… But anyways.. It was $30 here. And I’m pretty sure the one I saw in Hot Springs at the mall was like $20? If that? I’m not sure. So I’ll have to get myself one when I’m there next!

Watched Pretty Little Liars tonight, and American Pie: Band Camp. And now I’m going to go try and get a bit further with the rubiks cube then head off to bed! Night!

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