Day 330

35 more days until it’s been a whole year..

I tried to sleep in today, but it didn’t work. I hate that once I’m up – I’m up! I’m still out of cereal, so I made pancakes for breakfast/lunch! Good stuff. Not amazing, but not bad. We don’t have any maple syrup.. so it made the pancakes and I sad..

I worked 3.30-11 tonight. So that was a long, busy day. Had a lot of very rushed times, had issues with the pizza dough machine, yarda yarda. Nothing overly exciting though however. More burns, this time from the gravy, AND another from the pizza oven. My hands are so dry & worn out already, it’s gross. I hate it. I also did something to my elbow I think, on the inside bit of it, cause it really hurts to lift things or to put it in a certain position, I don’t even know what happened there. Just really hurts. D:

Anywhooo… I’m watching tonights episode of Glee, so once that’s done it’s off to bed for me. Night!

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