Day 331

Blog blog bloggg…

I slept in only a bit today, had pancakes for breakfast again, popcorn for lunch, did some uni work, cleaned Hercules’s cage, and then headed off to work!

It was a bit hectic at work again, but then later it got super dead quiet… Wasted so much pizza! Haha. Also tried some poutine for the first time…..

Closing was a bit hectic too, the guy closing with me was doing the dishes & he didn’t even know how to close Outtakes, so I was on my own really. I can do the cleaning & everything fine, but I never have to do the counts every other time, so this time it was hard cause of the counts. D: But in the end, and 25 minutes over time, it was done. LOL.

Got the Skytrain home with Maryse & Vrindy. Except Maryse only stays on with us until Commercial. The Skytrain trip goes so much faster when you’ve got people to talk to haha.

Anywhoo.. I’m watching Tomorrow, When The War Began right now. Aussie accent is terrible. But it’s kind of interesting for a movie so far. I heard lots of people anxious for it, like people who had read the book… So it’s not tooo bad… Poor Australia haha.

Aiight, going to keep watching now then fall asleep eventually. Night!

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