Day 332

Dead set it’s 2.30am, I didn’t even work tonight. Last time I checked my watch it was only 11.30pm. Where the hell does time go?? I’ll blink and be 55! HELP!

Anyways, slept in a bit this morning, finished off my pancake mix for breakfast, got ready, and headed out to Metrotown to meet Sarah to go see a movie! It’s St Patricks day, so McDonalds has these green thickshake things to be seasonal, so we got some of them!

We went and saw Just Go With It. Definitely a much better Adam Sandler movie compared to some of his other recent stuff… Wasn’t too bad.

Then we came home, and I remembered I had a uni assignment due today….. Oops! So I spent all night doing that. It’s only a 500 word movie review, so it wasn’t too bad. I did it on Battle: Los Angeles. It’s the only thing I could think of that I’ve seen recently that could relate to something, so I mentioned how it’s based on the 1942 events in LA with the air raid/battle of Los Angeles. So needless to say, I’ve seen many alien videos & stories tonight while doing basic research on it..

And now I’m tired, so I’m going to submit my assignment & head off to dreamland! Night!

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