Day 333

Made myself get up earlier today so that I could go grocery shopping before work! When I got to New West, I checked my bank account, only to find I’d been paid $200. So I wasn’t happy. I was expecting an epic pay.. but that was the cut off as of the 10th, which is stupid. Not happy. But whatever. I’ll probably be late in rent now, and I’m still broke basically for the next two weeks. I’m over this! So then I got some necessities food wise, still no cereal, milk, or eggs! 😦

Came home, decided to look up how much it’d cost me to go to Arkansas in May instead, still works out the same price really, so technically, I could just leave first of May instead. I could go from here to Niagara Falls, with accommodation, and back to Little Rock, for around $500. So I’d love to do that! But it’s obviously not going to happen 😦

Anywhoo.. Went to work, it was actually a pretty slow day, besides the odd occasional rush. For a Friday night it was pretty dead. Lucky my friends there were working tonight. It’s good when it’s shifts like that 🙂 With all people I know and talk to! 😀

Ashley got to go home early though! Jealous! I’m not sure why, I guess cause it was so dead. We were supposed to finish at 11.40 tonight but we were super and with the help of Burger King crew as well we were all out and done by like 11.30! Haha! Team work. Yep.

Vrindy & I got the Skytrain home tonight, and right before I was to get off at 22nd Street Station, some guys started talking to us. I felt bad having to leave her on the train with them LOL. She said later that I have some weird crazy luck when it comes to Skytrain rides late at night. HAHA. Honestly, every time, something interesting happens. I don’t get it! LOL

And that’s it really, came home and made myself some food.. another peas & carrots wrap with cheese 🙂 Mmm.. I know, it sounds horrible! But there’s something about it.. Going to slowly make my way to bed now. Night!

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