Day 334

Evening! Or early morning.. which ever you prefer..

This morning, still being cereal-less, I had inch thick toast. Unfortunately though, our toaster doesn’t fit inch thick toast! So I had to grill it a bit LOL! It worked though!

I went to work today, thinking I was starting at 5.45… when really it was 6. And I got there before 5pm, so I had AGES. It was a nice day out too, so I decided to just go walking down along Robson street!  Everything happens along there. I checked out some souvenir stores, found some crazy little cupcake shop that Ashley should work at 🙂 And I watched this man dressed in all gold and acting like a robot for money on the street haha. He was pretty good at doing the robot thing. So that was entertaining. LOL.

Then I headed off into work, went to the office & got a cast pass thing, went up to the locker room, and then went and started work!

I’m really starting to get used to working there now, like I have no problems or whatever with what I have to do each day, I’ve learned it all now. Just a few things with closing but everyone else always does it so I don’t need to worry about it really yet.. other than that, I’m doing fine haha.. If only I got paid more… It’s good starting to know a lot of people there too. Feels less awkward.

After work, Trini, Vrindy & I went to Tim Hortons on our way to the Skytrain. Then we went and jumped on the Skytrain. Trini gets off much earlier than us, so she wasn’t on for very long. While talking to Vrindy on the Skytrain tonight, some guys were majorly staring…… it was creepy. They also got off at Vrindys stop (the one after mine) and were following her/trying to talk to her 😮 D:

So she told me she’s never getting the Skytrain with me again. LOL. Because I’m jynxed. And the past few nights she’s gotten it with me, it’s been creepy and weird with people HAHA. I’m cursed. 🙂 So funny.

Anywhoooo…. Getting a bit tired now, as I should.. it’s almost 4am… Meh! I’m on Aussie time almost again 😉 LOL. Eh! Night!

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