Day 336

Man, I just realized that it’s now less than 30 blog posts before this whole thing is over.. What will you all do with no blog to read? Actually, the better question is.. WHAT WILL I DO WITH NO BLOGGING?! I think that I’m going to feel really lost.. like I won’t know what to do. I’ll try to go to sleep, but my head will be like “YOU HAVE TO BLOG!!!” Oh boy..

Anywhoo.. Got up and went to Metrotown today to wait for Sarah to see a movie. I walked around the shops for a bit, went to EB Games, Toys R Us, all that good stuff 😛 Haha. Then I met Sarah at the theatre & we went and saw Rango. It wasn’t that amazing to be honest… I wasn’t that fussed over it. I was kind of bored. But.. yeah. Nothing else much to say for that really. I’m thinking about going to see a movie tomorrow before work, not sure yet. Depends when I get up lol!

After the movie we went to the Superstore & I stocked up on food. Cause that’s what I do. I really think I’ve got enough food for the next two months now. I need to go back to basics & rations just so there’s not an excess in food when it’s time to leave!

Oh, and on the leaving note, I pulled out one of my suitcases tonight and started throwing in things that I’m definitely not going to need for the next two months. It really didn’t even dent the room.. I’m going to have some major packing problems. Sigh! My life has to fit into 3 suitcases, a smaller carry on suitcase, a laptop bag, and my backpack. Good luck to me?

I also made a list of some of my things that I need to sell on Craigslist. And if I get the prices I’m asking for the things, then I’ll have about $420 extra, which is a major plus! That’ll get me to Niagara Falls basically! 😀 Yay!

Anywhoooo… Going to make an attempt at getting to bed earlier tonight. HAHA. Like that’ll happen. Night!

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