Day 338

Soooo today I didn’t wake up until 1pm. It was a great sleep in. I actually woke up at 9, and heard Sarah getting ready for work. But fell back asleep haha.

I pretty much had breakfast, slowly got ready, then headed out to meet Sarah in Surrey to go to Chuck E Cheese!

We were following the directions Google maps gave me.. and we ended up lost almost. LOL. Google failed to inform me that there was two different buses of the same number.. like one went to Langley Center, and the other only went as far as Walnut Grove.. So we got off at Walnut Grove & had to wait ages before another bus came to take us to where we were heading! So that was annoying!

But we finally got there! We got two individual little pizzas. They were so tiny. LOL. It was good though.  We had 40 tokens each. It was fun haha. Lots of basketball & games. Really is a fun place 😀 lol! Didn’t hit any jackpots or anything, they’re not even that high there. Lame, but ah well. Still fun!

Afterwards we went to Marble Slab Creamery, just like Cold Rock! That was yum. Such a beasty thing to eat though, I was full instantly. But eventually I finished it haha. So yum but!

Finally a bus came to take us back to Surrey Central to get the skytrain home. We needed to pee though, so we went into the Surrey Rec Center place to use the bathrooms there. There was a hockey game on but we couldn’t work out how to get in to see LOL. Only door we could find was for the dressing rooms/player area. LOL. So that wasn’t the right door! Think you had to pay anyways though to go watch, so we gave up trying to find a door & just went home.

Soo we finally got home, and that’s it really. Tired. I feel like my face is burnt or something, it was a pretty sunny day out today!

Anywhooo.. Going to slowly head to bed. Night!

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