Day 339


I had a super crappy sleep last night, like I didn’t get to sleep until about 6am. Even though I was laying there, laptop off, from around 2.30am! So annoying. I was really tired when I woke up at 1pm, but I didn’t want to sleep all day and be late for work!

I got ready for work and headed out, passed Richard on my way out, he was on his way in.

Work was really slow… so quiet.. so much wasted pizza!

When we were leaving work, I was walking to the Skytrain with Trini & Maryse, & there was a group of drunk guys across the street who got into a fight. One guy went to jump kick another guy, but totally missed & fell to the floor. Pretty funny really from what I saw of the fight. Haha!

I had to wait half an hour for the bus, totally just missed one when I got there, sucky. But anyways, I’m home now & in bed and ready for sleep. Couldn’t be bothered washing my hair………. I’m sure I’ll regret that tomorrow night LOL. But I wear a hat at work (ew) so no one will notice the hair…… right? Haha!

I can’t decide on a date either to leave North America! It’s like everything’s coming to an end, so I don’t want to pick a date, cause then it’s really over! D:

I’m really tired, going to go attempt to catch up on some sleep now. Contemplating going to Value Village tomorrow…. But I know I shouldn’t! I should be going to H&R Block or something instead! Gah! OR! See a movie before work.. yeah I like that one! We’ll see. Anywhoooo… night!

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