Day 340


So I think I was up at about 9.30 today? I don’t remember though, and I thought it was like 10.30. I was talking to Vrindy on Facebook before she went off to work at 11, then I thought later this afternoon “why was she on FB at 10.30 when she started work at 11..” sooo I asked when I went in today & apparently it was 9.30! So yeah! I was up at 9.30! But I didn’t stay up! I had breakfast, chilled for a bit, then decided to go back to sleep for awhile.

I wasn’t feeling great, I felt really hot & sick like, just super tired I guess. I napped for about an hour, then decided to get up & get ready. I could have slept for another like 2 hours, but I wanted to go see Sucker Punch… Sooooo I did!

I had terrible seats. There was so many people in there, like woah. So I got a crappy seat, 2nd row from the front, in the corner 😦 it was so not even worth putting seats there, like why bother? So crappy. But I dealt with it.

It was actually a pretty cool movie, as much as everyone has been bagging on it hardcore,  I enjoyed it. Like it’s not one of the best films I’ve seen, nor one of the worse. I liked the music, and the visual stuff was pretty entertaining! The story kind of failed me though. I was a bit lost for a bit, it’s hard to explain. But yeah, either way. Double dose of Aussie too with Emily Browning (who I never knew was even Aussie!) and Abbie Cornish! Haha!

Anywhooo… work was boring. Had lot’s of rushes because of Sucker Punch opening today, so it was a bit hectic. But other than that, boring. Mary and I had our breaks at the same time, so we had some TCBY Shivers! They’re like a blizzard, kind of. And we get them at cast price, so it was like $2.37 for a big ass thing! Crazy. Couldn’t even finish it all.

The Seth Rogen look-a-like at work, Aaron, he was at TCBY too getting something & said we should go sit with him & his mates on their break at the tables.. sooo we did. It was like high school “come sit with us” LOL. They’re all super nerdy, they were talking about weird as movies that I’ve never heard of before… couldn’t keep up. Neither could Mary, but she tried, by asking questions “….so what’s that about..?” HAHA! Funny.

What else… OH! On the Skytrain on the way home, these 3 ladies got on. They must have been in their mid-40’s I’m guessing. They’d obviously been drinking a bit, they’d been at the Bon Jovi concert I’m pretty sure. Anyways, I was sitting next to one of them, and across from the other two. First off, they weren’t sure if they were on the right train, so they asked me. But I wasn’t sure if we were on the Millennium line or Expo line, so I just said listen for it at the next stop… So then the train said they were on the wrong one basically, but then they weren’t sure if they should get off now or what, so I told them they could stay on until Columbia, THEN switch. Saves getting up and getting on the next train & loosing their seats etc. So they stayed on. LOL.

Then there was a really, REALLY stoned/drunk guy who got on and was sitting next to one of the 2 ladies, opposite me. He was full ‘tweaking’ and twitching and looking around so dopishly. The lady next to me looked at me and goes “see, don’t do drugs.” LOLOL. One of the ladies opposite us, sitting next to the guy, was putting on her lip gloss & the guy like looked at her, but in his stoned state, and she was like 😐 😐 😐 :|! looking back at us. LOL. It’s hard to explain it, but it was just so hilarious. And the other lady opposite me was literally crying trying not to laugh. She was so red & had tears coming down her face trying to contain her laughter. LOLOL. I was trying so hard not to laugh too! We were all laughing so hard basically! Then as soon as he got off it was just a huge thing of laughter! LOL.

The lady who was talking to me was like “yeah, and I told this girl, don’t do drugs! HAHAHAHAHA” it was so funny. LOL. Then they were talking about Bon Jovi again I’m guessing, they said he has a nice ass…. Then one girl said I want the left side! Then the other said I’ll have the right side then! And the lady next to me goes “screw both of the legs, I want what’s in between!” then she looked at me and was like “Oh, shit! SORRY!” I’m guessing they thought I was really young. LOL!

Funny as though. Made my night. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages.

Anywhoooo…. I’m tired now, going to go to sleep. Night!

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