Day 341

Wow, I just had to triple check that today was day 341.. I didn’t believe it šŸ˜

Anyway.. I didn’t sleep in too much today, instead I got up and did some packing! I’ve now filled up two suitcases šŸ˜ I can just tell this is going to be very problematic! Although filling them up did make a HUGE improvement to my room, sort of..

Work was up and down tonight, it was okay for the most part. The theatre also turned off a lot of lights & machines that were being unused for earth hour! So that was cool. It was heaps cool working in the dark/minimal lighting šŸ˜›

Skytrain home was interesting. Trini & Mary were with me, a man asked me if the train was the Millennium line or Expo line, I wasn’t sure, so I asked Mary. The guy then realized I had an accent and was like “you’re British?” …….nope, Aussie! Then he was talking to me a bit about my accent and stuff… nothing much. Then I went back to talking to Mary & Trini. They both eventually got off though, and the man decided to sit next to me and talk to me. He had obviously been drinking, oh and he said he was turning 50 this year.. He was getting too creepy though, being too close. Uncool buddy. But he was just talking to me about Australia/Canada, and then saying how he’d love to go to Africa & he would love to send his son to Africa to “really experience life” but yeah, I was glad to get off the train. LOL. I think the younger guy sitting across from me was getting ready to jump in & save me if the man got too close though. LOL he was keeping a watchful eye I think. I’m making this man out to be a total creep, but he wasn’t that bad. LOL just too drunk for comfort?

Anywhooo…. home now, very tired, just ate. Day off tomorrow thankfully. I plan to sleep in, and enjoy it! So I’ll be off now! Night!

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