Day 342

So funniest thing happened last night while I was asleep…. I somehow managed to punch myself in the mouth. I vaguely remember suddenly jumping awake like “WTH?!” but when I REALLY woke up this morning I’d totally forgotten about it, until I looked in the mirror. Saw a tiny little cut on my lip & dry blood. LOL! I laughed so hard. No idea how I managed to do it, but it’s funny. I must have also bit the inside of my top lip/cheek kind of in the process, cause it’s cut in there too, and hurts!

I went to Value Village today, had a super quick look around, but saw nothing. So I left. Headed to Metrotown to try and catch the 4.05 showing of Limitless, but Sarah wasn’t replying to my texts at all.. So I was like fineee… So I walked around aimlessly for ages, then at 4.50 Paul was showing, so I thought whatever, Sarah’s not replying. I’m just going to go see it……… When I got up there, Sarah was sitting there waiting 😐 She didn’t take her phone with her, so annoying LOL. Who doesn’t take their phone!? D: But yeah. So we went and saw Paul. I missed the first like 5 minutes or so but 😦

After the movie we went to the Superstore, Sarah got some things, I just got cereal. Then we headed home. And that’s that! Watched the most recent episode of Mr. Young on TV, and that’s it really haha.

Oh, booked my flight outta Vancouver too! 😦 Leaving here June 2nd! Scary stuff! Headed to Dallas then. Still have to book a flight from Dallas to Little Rock though, so gotta get on that. And I’m still too undecided over a date to come home. LOL! I just can’t pick one 😛

Anywhooo… that’s that. Gonna head to bed. Night!

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