Day 343

I didn’t sleep in too much today, not sure why haha. Basically just got ready for work, went to work. I started at 4.30 today. It was SO SLOW. All day! Just slow as. There was a few hours where I don’t think we served like, anyone.. Pretty bad.

We had two new people training today too, one guy in Burger King & another guy in Outtakes with us. Ashley, Vrindy & I all had our break at the same time, so that was good. I went to TCBY again and got one of their smoothies! So good! I might do that often.. LOL. Mmm!

We closed pretty early too, I think we were done by 11… Which is really good! It was just THAT SLOW haha! I also ended up helping Ashley with the dishes.. that wasn’t fun!

But anyways, super slow day. We spent ages talking haha. It’s so funny when people I work with don’t even know that I’m not even actually Canadian. LOL. One of the other Team Leaders, Lynda, only just discovered this today. And Erin learned it yesterday! HAHA. Pretty funny. Maybe  I should just put an Aussie flag sticker on my name badge?!

Skytrained home with Vrindy tonight too, which means I didn’t have to wait for my bus! YAY! LOL. She’s good luck when it comes to the bus! We think it’s cause she walks so fast! Haha!

Anywhooo, I’m tired now. Night!

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