Day 344


Today I worked, again. It was just me, Miranda & the new trainee, Kaleb, in Outtakes tonight, so it got kind of busy! Miranda was really just training Kaleb so it wasn’t going as quick as usual but it wasn’t that bad really. Pretty average rush for Tuesday nights I guess..

There wasn’t anyone to do dishes really, and I was the 3rd person for Outtakes while Burger King only had two.. SO I WAS STUCK ON DISHES! 😦 But Vrindy was helping me with them so that was good. It was sooo hot doing the dishes, like I honestly felt like I was going to pass out or something, just the super hot water & the super hot steam coming from the rapid dishwasher thing, it was insane. So Vrindy took over the dish scrubbing part at the end & I just put everything away/did dishwasher stuff. It was a team effort, and both our first time’s doing dishes! I’ll be SO HAPPY next time I work with Jenny! She LOVES doing the dishes! But I’d rather close up the RBO’s! Haha!

I had another smoothie from TCBY tonight! So good! I might end up making this a habit every shift… :S But it costs me like 20 minutes of my pay! Haha! That’s depressing..

So that was my lame night I guess. I stayed back to help Burger King close because Vrindy had been helping me so they weren’t done as quick as Outtakes was. Then we got the Skytrain home.. Mark was on the Skytrain with us until Commercial too haha. Pretty uneventful Skytrain ride other than that. So yeah. Then it was raining a lot tonight too, so I had to wait for the bus in the rain, and walk home in it. Ah well. And now I’ve made dinner and yeah. Anywhoo, off to bed. Lots to do tomorrow… Night!

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