Day 345

Oh wow, only 20 more posts after this 😐 I’m freaking out..

So anyways, I woke up from a crazy dream at about 7.30am, had to force myself back to sleep which luckily I managed to get back to sleep! Woke up again later, then decided it was time to go to H&R Block to do my taxes!

Unfortunately though, I couldn’t do my tax, because I was missing the T4 form from PNE, and I HAD to have it, so I have to go back another time when I’ve got it/found it. Which, I have now found, it was buried deep in the depths of the couch..

So instead of sorting that out today with H&R Block, I met up with Sarah in New West & we went to Metrotown to see Limitless. It was a good movie, and I’ve decided I want some of whatever the drug was 😉 HAHA. I want to use my brains full potential! Good stuff! LOL. Also had Subway for lunch. Damn Subway for being so expensive too..

On the way home tonight I was soo tired I actually almost fell asleep on the bus, I’m so behind on sleep it’s crazy. And I’ve also realized I’m like two weeks behind now on my Uni stuff – got an email today regarding partnering up for the next assignment. Umm? Wth? It’s a presentation, and we have to partner up.. no idea how this is going to work. Not pleased..

Oh! I also finally got my Ticketmaster gift card in the mail from WIND! So now I need to pick something to go to I guess.. I think I’d really like to go to Warped Tour in Dallas on June 24th, but that’ll be so much effort getting there & back to Mt Ida and what not, and that’s only like 20+ days after I’ll first be getting there in June.. Soo I’m not sure… Hard decision. I can’t really think of much else to use it on though..

Anyway, I’m going to head off to bed now I think, try and catch up on sleep.. We’ll see how that goes. Night!

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