Day 346


Worked this afternoon/tonight. It was sooo slow. It was just me and Jenny in Outtakes, and this girl I forgot her name and Maryse in Burger King.. so it wasn’t really a very exciting work night.

On my break I went to get another smoothie TCBY, but they were closed for my break because the girl working went on her break! WASN’T HAPPY!

Got the Skytrain to Commercial with Maryse, she gets off at Commercial so yeah, but I kept going to my stop, on my own! Haha! It was a pretty uneventful day & night overall.

I’ve been looking up lots of stuff about Aussie Cattle Dogs. Watching the videos of Skidboot, the super amazing/smart dog 🙂 He was pretty damn good..

Anywhoo.. I guess I should head to sleep. Going to attempt to go to H&R Block again tomorrow before work. Night!

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