Day 347


I know it’s really late.. but I just watched a movie. Stop Loss. I saw it on the coffee table, Sarah obviously watched it today, and I decided it had a bunch of cool people in it and I had no idea what it was about – so I watched it!

Anyways… Today I got up and went to H&R Block again, finally sorted out my taxes. It costed me like $109 for their services, but I’ll be getting about $400 back.. but after the fees, about $300.. So that’s a nice unexpected bonus! After that I jumped on the bus to head home to get ready for work, met Sarah on the bus haha.

Went to work, and I think today was definitely the best day at work yet. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. My jaw and head actually hurt from laughing. Definitely a good day! I don’t even know what was funny. Working with Ashley & Keith together in Outtakes is just hilarious. And Vrindy was in Burger King too so that was entertaining haha! It was just a super funny day… I wish more work days were like that…

Some of the floor boys, one of them being the Seth Rogen look-a-like, we’re taking down some of the stand/display things and decided it would be funny to hang some things around the back of the RBO’s…

Jenny wasn’t too impressed, she couldn’t do the dishes. LOL! I was going to keep this dude, but I left him at work accidentally.. maybe he’ll still be there on Sunday?! HAHA. Pretty funny though.. There was also a chicken hiding by some boxes, and another rabbit hanging from the roof.. LOL! Surprise!

Anyways.. it was a good day. And now I think I’ll finally head off to bed. Night!

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