Day 349

Today I didn’t want to get out of bed, I was too tired! But eventually I did get up, and then I got ready & headed out to work. A bunch of us were meeting up before work to go see Sucker Punch … second time seeing it for me haha, still liked it. But yeah, there was a bunch of us so that was cool. We all got TCBY to take in, so that was yummy. Haha. I also had TCBY smoothie on my break! Om nom nom!

Afterwards, turned out only Vrindy & I were working, the others all had the day off! LOL so off to work we went!

Wasn’t an amazing day at work, wasn’t too bad either.. We had fun, also had some stress at the end due to not getting pre-closed properly & then rushing majorly to make the Skytrain and my bus! But in the end, it was all good…

I’m home now, and I’m really tired. Day off tomorrow, I plan on sleeping in and enjoying it. Not going to see a movie, because I don’t have a spare cast pass at all. Forgot to get one today. I’m just going to chill at home and be lazy. Might list some more things on Craigslist and pack a bit more? Yeah… Anywhoo.. Night!

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