Day 350

I didn’t leave the house at all today! Pretty impressed with that effort. I don’t think I’ve spent a whole day at home in ages.

I spent ages cleaning today, the house is a mess, still is. Eventually I gave up & decided to watch The Break-Up Artist on TV, another Vancouver shot movie haha.

Didn’t really do much else worth mentioning. I downloaded the Sucker Punch soundtrack tonight, I really liked the soundtrack. I’ve now learned that Emily Browning sung a few of the songs on it too! She’d never really sung before Sucker Punch either apparently, but the director Zack Snyder told her she should. Crazy stuff. Emily Browning & Abbie Cornish are the Aussies who star in it too by the way.

Anyways… Nothing exciting really for today. I almost went into work tonight though. Ashley was on call & wanted me to go in for her if they ended up calling, which they did, but they wanted her/me in by 6.30 and only rang at 5.30. So I couldn’t get there on time and they were like “don’t worry then” haha. So it’s nothing to do with me really, I was just going to cover it. But yeah! Stayed home haha. Anyways, gonna go chill.. Night!

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