Day 351


I tried to sleep in today, didn’t sleep in that much but it was still good. Eventually got up & headed out to work.

Oh, also.. I said something on twitter about Sucker Punch & mentioned Abbie Cornish’s twitter name, I think I said something and created the hashtag #aussieskickass, anyways.. She replied to it saying thankyou & what not, so that was cool. and then she posted a picture from one of the premiers of her & Emily Browning and she said #aussieskickass. I was like LOL! My hashtag!! So that made my day. And then tonight when I got home & checked my emails, I had an email saying “Abbie Cornish is now following you on twitter!” HAHA. So I thought that was just very cool 🙂 she only follows like 30 people, and I’m one of them 😉

Anyways! Work was okay. This man came up and started talking to me while I was cleaning the counter, he was just going on about whatever, then realized I was Australian, and talked about that. He was talking about something I had no idea what it was, but he was like “I’ll find the YouTube video for you!” So then he was showing me a video on YouTube while I was working.. LOL. It was a bit odd.. It’s like my Skytrain creepy people, but this time at work.

So when he left I was like “ooookay….” to Erin and just walked off. LOL. She laughed, then we were talking about creepy people talking to us and stuff.. She was saying how young brown guys are always creepy to her, and we were laughing about that.. Then there was a young brown dude at the counter. LOL. … AND HE WAS CREEPY! He was obviously drunk or something, he was asking Erin her name and her age and stuff and when she said 16 he started taking his shirt off 😐 We were like um? Haha! So weird. He was very odd.. He came back later too when we were closed to talk and then asked what we do with the left over pizza, I said we throw it out & he was like no, you give to me. I was like no I’ll get in trouble.. then he was like Okay so I buy? I’m like no, we’re closed.. Then he wasn’t very happy, so he was like where your manager! I ask them so you no get in trouble! I was like alright, if you want to try. LOL. So he went over to one of the managers, and she said no, and he walked off and turned to me and was like “she’s a bitch!” it was so awkward.. LOL.

Anywhoo! I didn’t get out of work until just after midnight. So I was home just after 1am kinda. Now I’ve showered & eaten, I’m ready for bed. So I’m off.. Once my iPod updates.. Such an annoying wait, I don’t want it to update but it wont work when I put songs on now until I update 😦 So yep, night!

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