Day 353

That rash thing that I had twice on my chin, it’s back, but this time on my arm! At least that’s what I think it is anyways, it could be a bug bite, but who knows what from. It’s so God damn itchy though! I had to get some bug spray stuff put on it at work & a big band-aid (cause it’s quite a huge lump) so I would stop scratching! I can’t stop itching it, even right now… Ahhhh.

Anyways, my credit on my phone ran out today, so I had to go down to WIND to top it up. Christie was working! So I got to talk to her a bit, we talked about travel & stuff and how I did the US for pretty cheap! I told her about Amtrak & how cheap it was and stuff, and she wants me to find the name of the hostel we stayed at in San Fran too, cause I couldn’t remember which Hi-Hostel it was..

I also couldn’t afford the data on my phone, so I just got my texting/call thing 😦 sad day. Can’t wait until pay day next week. LOL. So sad.

Work was alright, we were pretty much almost finished closing before we had actually closed! So that was good! I still got out at 11.20 though which is what I was scheduled for, but everyone else was done on time haha. I just had to wait because my managers were talking to teach other about something while trying to check Outtakes so I was last out.. D: Ah well.

I’m so glad tomorrow is the last day of my endless work week, finally a day off on Saturday! I’m thinking of seeing a movie tomorrow before work, just cause. And then I guess I’ll probably be seeing one on Saturday with Sarah… Might try and see another on Sunday before work too. Gotta make the most of these free movies!

Anywhoo, dead tired. Off to bed. Night!

OH! And Michelle might be coming over to Vancouver in May! Epicness! 😀

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