Day 354

Couldn’t sleep in again today 😦 it sucks. I also couldn’t be bothered going out early to see a movie before work, so instead I just went in for work.

I went to the office before I started and got more bug spray on my bite as well as another band-aid. That bug spray stuff helps the itch for a couple of hours, so it’s good!

There was 5 of us in Outtakes tonight. Hectic. Mary was being trained in there, so Danny was her trainer, which is why there was an extra person. But even 4 people is still so many even for Friday night! It’s usually only 3. Those two finished at 8 though, so then it was just three of us. 4 if you count Keith who basically spent the whole night in Outtakes instead of Burger King! Haha!

Anywhoo.. break was spent with Ashley, Keith & Brett. Chilled. Then back to work. It was pretty crazy. Aaron – the Seth Rogen look-a-like – pulled me out of Outtakes tonight to help clean 2 theatres for floor, they were short a few or something, or had a major time issue.. Not sure. But basically I went into theatre 2, cleaned there for like 10 minutes if that, then was rushed to theatre 1 to start the clean there. It was intense haha. New respect for the floor staff… Even though even they say it’s the easiest job. LOL.

I was out on the floor for maybe half an hour – 40 minutes, and it felt like 15 minutes if that! So I’m kind of jealous of how fast it went being on the floor! Time in Outtakes goes SO SLOW!

Tonight I didn’t get out until about 5 past 12. We had a little … erm.. issue? In Burger King. I don’t really want to mention the issue, because I do mention where I work… LOL so it wouldn’t be wise! But basically I stayed back an extra 40+ minutes to help with that, and finish dishes. Pretty funny night. We scored Tim Hortons gift cards for staying back ages 😀 Scoreeeeeeeee!

Anywhoo, I was falling asleep on the Skytrain home. I also JUST made the bus, like there was another bus half an hour later, but I didn’t want to wait pfft. So I like ran down the stairs, and ran to the bus. He had the doors closed & was driving off but another girl & I were basically like banging on the door for him to let us on haha, he wasn’t too pleased… Meh!

Skyped Angie before lol funny kid. Oh and I also extended my travel insurance, so that’s finally taken care of. I feel like I need to get injured just to make use of all the money I spent on insurance!! Now, if I could just man up and book my flights… I’m also back down to $7k now once I book the flights. Sigh. Life savings has reached only $7k! Clearly the car I buy when I return is going to have to be a total shitter. So much for the ute then hey? BUT I NEED THE UTE FOR THE CARNIVAL! 😦 … Which I’m still very keen & serious on doing! …Anyone?! Haha!

Okay, I’m off to bed now. Night!

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