Day 355

Woke up right before 12pm today, told myself I had to get up because I remembered there was a WIND phone giveaway draw thing that I wanted to go to, they were giving a phone away at 1pm, and another at 2pm, plus a free “swag bag” of goodies. So, I went down there.

When I got there though, there was nothing. I arrived just before 1pm, asked the guy, and he said “oh yeah, there’s like … a draw. At around 1.30 maybe.” I was like oh…. ok. No free stuff, nothing. He wasn’t very helpful.

Waited there until 2pm, nothing at all. They were talking about it with the Blockbuster people saying how they’re not allowed to enter it, but should get their friends down because there’s no one bothering with it” I was still waiting in Blockbuster and was pissed off by this time! I wanted free stuff, and I wanted to enter the draw!

Sarah finished work, this was now after 2pm, still nothing. So I thought whatever. And left. Very annoyed with you WIND, no longer will I recommend you. I figured today might make me like them again after the incident of them hanging up on me. But nope, just made me more angry. Eh!

Anyways! We went to Metrotown and saw Soul Surfer, the movie based on the true story of Bethany Hamilton – the surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack, but still went on to be a pro surfer. It was good. I remember hearing about it when it happened too.. Crazy stuff.

After the movie we just came home.. I watched a movie on TV called With Honors. It has Brendan Fraser in it.. interesting movie. Kinda old though.

Anywhoo, going to slowly head off to bed, I might be asleep by 1am! Wouldn’t that be crazy! Night!

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