Day 356

Okay! Oh my god! So I totally SPACED on my assignment, I thought assignment 2 was in pairs, so I hadn’t done a thing on it, and I was stressing because I couldn’t do anything without the partner! TURNS OUT, it’s assignment 3b that’s in pairs! Assignment 2 is individual and part a of it is due on Friday! DAMMIT! Ugh. It all makes sense now too, bloody hell. So now it’s almost 3am, and I’m stressing over WTH a “media text” is. Like I understand it yeah, but I don’t know what the hell to use for the assignment basically. This blows!

Anywhoo. I posted a heap of our stuff on Craigslist today. Already got my two metal shelf things picked up. A lot of people are interested in the coffee table & kitchen table too, so we’ll see if they come get that tomorrow. Clearing out furniture for free on there will be easy.. haha!

Didn’t get ready in time either, I was too preoccupied in listing things on Craigslist that I forgot to get ready. So I missed the bus I would normally get, so I ended up being like 8 minutes late. My bad!

Work was hectic for a Sunday. Like madly hectic. It’s been a bit weird lately, strange. But yeah, madness. We managed though. The morning people really didn’t prep anything! So we had to make so many pizzas, and we ran out of hot dogs at the end of the night, and almost ran out of fries, and had WAY too many chicken strips by the time we were closing. It was just chaotic really.

Luckily, we’re getting way better at closing and we still managed to get out at 11.30 🙂 Normally after an epic rush at the end we’d be later out, but we did well!

When I got to 22nd St Station tonight, I was all excited that I didn’t have to wait for the bus because it was 12.15 and the bus should come at 12.16. However, I forgot on Sundays that it’s 11.45 and then 12.45. So I had to wait for ages in the wet & cold.. There was an older lady at the ATM with this younger girl probably around my age, thought nothing of it until I heard a man yelling out “Don’t give her any money! She’s here all the time!! Don’t give her anything!”  And by HER, he meant the old lady!

Two guys waiting at the bus stop came up and said to me “she’s always here, don’t ever give her anything” I was confused because I’m always there… I never see it.. ? But, apparently it happens. I saw the old lady hug the younger girl and then leave, I was still confused. I saw the two guys go and talk to the girl afterwards, I didn’t hear much but apparently the old lady made up some sob story about how she was mugged & needed money… So the girl fell for it, as you would I guess when a little frail old lady comes asking for money!!

Anyways, waiting for the bus… Some man came along with his bicycle, he was all over the place, even still had a drink in his hand. He parked the bike on the ledge next to me where I was sitting and kept drinking. I think he was talking to me but I wasn’t acknowledging him. Eventually he was standing in front of me and asked me if I had a way home….. Like dude, I’m waiting at the bus stop. Of course I have a way home. What are you gonna do buddy? Offer me a drunk ride home on your push bike? HAH. Weirdo.

He fell asleep there too, I don’t know if he was waiting for the bus or not, I actually think he was. But he fell asleep. At one point he yelled out “You’re the boss, boss!” in his sleep.. I wasn’t going to wake him for the bus. LOLOL. Obviously he didn’t get on.

…..The little old lady did, however! She got on like two stops away from the station. She sat opposite me, I was ready to get up her or something if she asked me for money! Instead, she asked the girl behind her if she could borrow her phone. Straight away I visioned this old woman running away with the girls Blackberry… LOLOL. But thankfully she didn’t! I wouldn’t have liked to have to crash tackle little granny there. HAHA.

Anywhoooooo…. I’m really tired now, stressed about this assignment, and going to go to bed. Night!

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