Day 359

Woah! Only 6 more posts…. OH NO!

Anyways! I woke up earlier today, I’m not sure why. But I did. I browsed a few more things for my uni assignment, chilled, and then went to work.

Burger King had some technical difficulties today, so they couldn’t make any beef products, so basically all their burgers. So they were sort of closed for most of the day/night. Which means there was 5 of us in Outtakes! Talk about chaotic.

It wasn’t really too busy tonight, the only busy part about tonight was the people there to see the Foo Fighters live thing one night only.. Wish I could have seen it! Ah well. But yeah, it was a pretty cruisy night.

Eventually Burger King opened back up and we dropped back to 3 people. Which then dropped to 2 when Jenny went home at 8.

I do like working there, like the pay is terrible, but the people are nice and it gives me lots to do. I also love working downtown, it’s just so exciting. Every day is different downtown! It’s great 🙂

Anyways, off to bed. Have to be up early tomorrow to see some movies with Vrindy! Haha.. Going for the double whammy, two in one day! Oh boy…. Night!

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